SPACE EXPLORATION TECHNOLOGY Company, the official representative of InfoScan technology

SPACE EXPLORATION TECHNOLOGY Company is the official representative of InfoScan technology in the Russian Federation and the exclusive representative on the territory of West Africa.


Increased productivity

We continue to improve the InfoScan technology and to optimize the work flow.
In March 2015 we launched a new scanning complex.


Made the search for sunken ships

Finished stage of research on sea-going vessels that sank in the Black sea.
Work was completed on our own initiative for the purpose of testing a new service for our customers.


Performed studies to determine groundwater bodies in the North Caucasus

In May 2014 we have completed the research to search for underground water lens on the territory of the North Caucasus.


Made the search for oil and gas in Middle East region

In late January 2014, we began the exploration of oil and gas fields in one of the countries of the Middle East.


Made the search for polymetallic ores in southern Africa

In the South-Eastern part of Africa the search for placer gold was conducted. The work was carried out by the photographs in scale 1:70.000.


Completed work in Latin America

Made the search of oil and gas deposits in Latin America.


The transition to a fully digital photographs

Previously to conduct exploration work we used digitized photographs of analog photography of past years. To date digitized materials greatly inferior in spatial resolution photos with digital satellite cameras of the last generation.


The work with digital photographs

The opportunity appeared to conduct search by digital materials of space photographing.


InfoScan technology application to the search of the most perspective energy sources

During 8 months we were carrying out calibration operations for determination of coal gas and coal deposits by InfoScan technology.