Kinds of work

  • Shortest time and high accuracy execution of searching and prospecting operations in the field of geology, treasure searching and other associated branches.
  • Possibility of execution of all stages of prospecting operations: from preliminary express-analysis of unknown territories up to positioning of points for drilling.
  • Carrying-out of operations at any territory, irrespective of the relief.

How to make an order

Only material of aerial or satellite photo survey of the locality and a photo of the sample of the material under search are necessary for conducting operations by InfoScan technology. If you have no opportunity to give us photo material of survey of the locality, just give us geographical coordinates of the area under investigation, and we will make an order for the survey by our own.

Time of operation

Time of conducting search operations by one photo amounts to 15 days.

The result

On completion the work a customer gets a digital copy of a photograph with drawn contours of an object under search on it, an isobath map and a short information report.


The cost of execution of searching and prospecting operations by InfoScan technology directly depends on the scale of the photo survey of the locality under search and the type of the substance under search;

If any questions arise, please, turn to us for help and we will help you without fail.