Operation principle

The technology, developed by our scientists is based on our discoveries and inventions in the field of the theory of information, officially acknowledged by the International academy of the authors of scientific discoveries and inventions and by International association of the authors of scientific discoveries.

The essence of the discoveries consists in the fact, that an analog photograph of any object contains much more information, than the human eye can apprehend.

In particular, when a part of the earth surface is photographed, spectral characteristics of this area are remained on the photo film, and afterwards they are transferred to the photographic paper.

By analogy, if a photograph of the substance under search is taken, its spectral characteristics will also remain on the photo film.

InfoScan technology gives the possibility to read and interpret these spectral characteristics.

A photograph of the earth surface and a photograph of the substance under search are placed in the special equipment complex. Further, rapprochement of two photos and uninterrupted measuring of characteristics of electromagnetic field in the light spectrum in their location is going on.

The sensors record a change of electromagnetic field in the light spectrum in definite time intervals. The presence of coinciding spectral characteristics on the photo of substance under search and the photo of the area of the earth surface indicates to the position of the substance. Areas of coincidence of the spectra are projected on the photograph and then transferred to the geological map with drawing of isobaths.