Peculiarity of the technology

The distinguishing feature of InfoScan technology is the opportunity of conducting all searching and prospecting operations by remote method. The whole technological process: searching, discovering, more precise definition of the boundaries – is performed without going to the locality. The work is conducted in our scientific centre with the equipment, developed by our scientists. Photo material is only needed for work, that is, photos of the locality under investigation and photos of the sample of the substance under search.

Remote search technology, developed by our scientists, gives the decision of the task of the direct search. That is, while conducting search operations by photo material, our InfoScan scanning complex detects the position of the substance under search itself, not the attendant indirect signs, investigated by most of other remote technologies. Such approach excludes the possibility of incorrect analysis and interpretation of geological information and the following erroneous decision on drilling, having saved time and money.

Economical advantage

Owing to the absence of large-scale field operations, expense for personnel salary and for purchasing, transferring and exploitation of special technics, transport and diesel generators are reduced.

Time economy

The opportunity of conducting remote search allows us to carry out several search and prospecting projects at different localities.


InfoScan technology gives the opportunity to reveal an object about the size of mobile telephone under the earth’s surface by the photo taken from the 600 meters height.

Ecology factor

Absolute ecological purity is attained at the expense of no contact with the environments. In such a way it gives the advantage of investigation of reserves territories, tundra zones without any damage to flora and fauna.


In case, when investigation is conducted by photo material, presented by a client, we determine the location of the object under search within the framework of a photo alone. Spatial coordinates are known only to the client, and nobody else.